The right training courses at the right time

Why our services?

Failure to appreciate the accounting and financial issues involved in legal transactions may have unintended consequences.

Our training is designed to provide knowledge and understanding of these issues to assist lawyers with the negotiations and drafting. Our courses set the benchmark for lawyers needing this understanding.

Each course’s content has been meticulously developed based on our years of experience to provide the essential know-how through practical explanations of the relevant accounting and financial concepts.


Develop laywers knowledge of the financial and accounting aspects of the legal work with which they are involved

Develop lawyers ability to negotiate the financial and accounting issues for their clients’ advantage

Develop lawyers knowledge to better draft the financial and accounting clauses in legal agreements


In-house courses

Webinar and/or in person at your offices (when allowed).


One to one or small group training on demand – typically for more senior staff on practical negotiation of the accounting issues.

Flexible approach

We are able to adapt any course to your requirements.

A flexible approach

We understand that today’s environment demands a flexible approach to course delivery. When time and resources are at a premium, our clients need to know that we can offer them a tailored learning option that delivers relevant content appropriate to all levels of staff within the practice – from trainees to associates to partners.