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About Us

MacIntyre Hudson Advisory Services is a leading provider of
specialist accounting and financial know-how to legal firms.

Why MacIntyre Hudson Advisory Services?

Failure to understand the accounting & financial aspects of legal transactions can have grave implications for the legal professionals managing them. Knowing what you don't know is as important as knowing when to seek clarification – and that's where we can help.

Our courses set the benchmark for lawyers seeking an understanding of accounting & financial awareness as it applies to external transactions managed on their clients' behalf.  Each programme's content has been meticulously designed to develop essential 'know-how' through practical explanations of the relevant accounting concepts.
Our focus is on ensuring:

  • Delegates develop a greater degree of understanding of the financial aspects of any external transactions they are managing.
  • Delegates understand how to give advice using the correct accounting references.
  • Law firms can access the best in financial awareness expertise through our flexible approach to course delivery. We offer inhouse courses, webinars and public courses – in short we are able to adapt the way our courses are delivered to suit the requirements of our clients.

Our courses make the difference

We work with professionals to help improve their bottom line by delivering cutting-edge, practical courses that produce measurable results – or in the words of one of our clients:

"The key to the success of your approach is that you do not try to turn us into accountants but help us to understand the headline financial issues and risks as they impact the transactions that we are working on."  

A good reputation is earned, not given.

At MacIntyre Hudson Advisory Services we understand that a good reputation is underwritten by more than just an impressive pitch – and so do our clients. That's why our courses are used by 16 of the top 20 UK law firms and many others in the top 100.Our reputation for excellence also has an international reach, with increasing numbers of major US firms and international clients benefitting from our expertise.

The reason for our success is not simply about the quality of our courses, it's also about the quality of our team of experts. As well as possessing unparalleled experience in their respective fields, our team invest their time and intellectual resources in continually refining and improving the content of courses to make sure they reflect the realities of the legal and commercial world lawyers are operating in. They also specialise in demystifying key areas of required learning and development, meaning delegates are assured of acquiring knowledge that improves practice, manages risk and makes the business more profitable.

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Lawyers assess these courses as: 88% Completely Effective, 12% Highly Effective and 99% Would recommend to a colleague