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An insurance lawyers guide to reading a general insurer's financial statements


The aim for this training is to increase lawyers’ confidence in understanding a general insurance company’s financial statements.

As a result of this session participants will be able to:

  • Understand the financial jargon used in, and components of, General Insurance accounts
  • Understand the key insurance specific accounting issues
  • Communicate more effectively with clients in the insurance sector and their professional advisors
  • Understand the basic ratios used to assess an insurance company’s performance and financial position


  • An overview of a general insurer's financial statements and explanation of the key aspects
    • Brief overview of the general insurance business model which drives the items expected to be reported in the accounts
    • Explanation of the different, insurance-specific, line items arising, for example:
    • Accounting for premiums: gross/net, written/earned
      • Accounting for non-life claims: incurred/paid, incurred but not reported
      • Technical reserves, for example, for losses, unearned premiums etc.
      • Commission costs and deferred acquisition expenses
      • Reinsurance issues
  • Key financial ratios for Insurance companies (case study activities), and how they are calculated for example:
    • Underwriting risk: claims and loss ratios, reserve adequacy
    • Overall profitability


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