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Financial services and market
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Targeted accounts training for financial services and markets lawyers


Financial services and market lawyers have very specific areas of interest when it comes to understanding what is in the accounts. This programme is designed to concentrate on some of the key technical accounting areas at a high level that lawyers in your firm need to understand to add value to their work. It is not a tax course.

As a result of this training participants will:

  • Have increased their confidence in understanding and reacting to accounting issues given their impact and effects upon clients.
  • Communicate effectively with accountants and clients on accounting related issues
  • Understand the main accounting principles around particular transactions or items in the accounts
  • Be more confident in identifying where advice/care may be needed around specific accounting issues
  • Spend less time researching accounting issues


The programme will explain the accounting for the chosen topics through a combination of presentations and worked examples for participants to consider and real-life scenario extracts and examples.

  • Background to accounting in the UK
    • Overview of each of the key financial statements (balance sheet, P&L, etc) and interaction
    • Use of IFRS and UK GAAP for current and future periods (including relevant UK legislation)
    • The effect of new GAAP
    • Accruals basis
    • Applying policies and estimates
    • Accounting errors
    • Audit reports and concept of True and Fair view
    • Materiality
  • Key areas of focus
    • Accounting for investees
      • Individual and consolidated accounts
      • How are consolidated accounts put together
      • Accounting for different types of investees
        • Subsidiaries
        • Joint arrangements and associates
        • Other investments
    • Statement of comprehensive income
      • Recognising and measuring income
      • Recognising and measuring expenses (liabilities and provisions)
      • Other comprehensive income
    • Capital and reserves
      • Presenting shares – ordinary and preference shares
      • Main types of reserves
      • Distributable profits
    • Intangibles
      • Recognising and measuring assets
      • Capitalising expenditure
      • Goodwill and other assets
      • Amortisation
    • Financial instruments
      • What are these and how do we account for these
      • Classification and measurement including impairment
      • Recognition and de-recognition
      • Derivatives and hedge accounting
    • LLP accounts
      • Background to LLPs
      • How to read the annual report
      • Members’ remuneration
      • Member’s interests

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