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Frequently Asked Questions

At MacIntyre Hudson Advisory Services we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver flexible, industry-leading solutions that reflect the training needs of your organisation.

Click on the dropdowns below for answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we receive. If you have a specific question that is not listed here, please contact us for more information.

Why use MHAS?

At MacIntyre Hudson Advisory Services we understand that a good reputation is underwritten by more than just an impressive pitch and so do our clients. That's why our courses are used by 16 of the top 20 UK law firms and many others in the top 100.Our reputation for excellence also has an international reach, with increasing numbers of major US firms and international clients benefitting from our expertise.

The reason for our success is not simply about the quality of our courses, it's also about the quality of our team of experts. As well as possessing unparalleled experience in their respective fields, our team invest their time and intellectual resources in continually refining and improving the content of courses to make sure they reflect the realities of the legal and commercial world lawyers are operating in. They also specialise in demystifying key areas of required learning and development, meaning delegates are assured of acquiring knowledge that improves practice, manages risk and makes the business more profitable.

Contact us for more information about what we offer.

How do I book a course?

Contact us through one of the following methods -
MacIntyre Hudson Advisory Services LLP
New Bridge Street House,
30-34 New Bridge Street,
London, EC4Y 6BJ
Tel:+44 (0)20 7429 4180

Can the training be presented to groups of varying levels of seniority?

In most cases yes, since people at different levels of seniority within a hierarchy will have different insights to the material being covered which will aid the understanding of all participants and may even identify misconceptions about what can be expected of different levels of staff. We discuss with clients the target audience for any training and whether it may be inappropriate for certain people to attend a particular course either because they may be too junior or too senior to benefit.

What does a course cost and what is included in the price?

This does depend on the length of the course and the amount of preparation involved. Usually we will already have presented a similar course before and therefore preparation can be minimal. If preparation is minimal than our normal rates apply.

For details of our current charging structure, contact us on
+44 (0)20 7429 4180 or

We are happy to talk to you about alternative pricing based on courses of different durations and based on volume discounts. Additional preparation is charged at a standard hourly rate. However, to give clients certainty of costs we will budget the preparation time (if necessary) at the start and cap the amount they are charged to a pre-agreed level.

Who can I speak to regarding training courses?

Please contact us:

MacIntyre Hudson Advisory Services LLP 
New Bridge Street House, 
30-34 New Bridge Street, 
London, EC4Y 6BJ

Tel: +44 (0)20 7429 4180

Do you have a portfolio of courses to select from?

While we have a portfolio of subjects that we offer, we do not simply provide generic courses. Through our experience of our clients and their needs we have identified a number of topics that are requested regularly and have developed materials to support them. However, the structure, content and style of each course is always developed in conjunction with you because we find that is the best way to ensure that your specific training objectives are met. Training must be relevant and practical if it is to be effective.

What is the scope of your training?

We provide financial awareness, accounting, auditing and tax training.  Over the years we have developed two distinct specialisms:

1. Working with non accountants to identify and develop their financial skills to do their jobs better and add value to their clients; and
2. Working with accountants, auditors and tax practitioners to keep their technical knowledge and application skills right up to date.
What geographical area does MHAS cover?

We regularly provide training both in the UK and outside the UK through face to face courses, video conferencing and webinars.

What happens if a course is booked and then cancelled at the last minute?

Once your course has been confirmed and the materials supplied we will do our best to make sure it goes ahead. If you need to cancel a course with more than 14 days notice we do not normally charge a cancellation fee unless we have already incurred expenses. However, where you need to cancel with less than 14 days notice we do reserve the right to make a cancellation charge. Please see our standard terms and conditions.

Can your understanding financial statements courses be accredited for PSC elective?
Yes, we are accredited to provide electives for the Financial and Business Skills element of the Professional Skills Course.
To what extent do you develop materials specifically for individual clients?

The fact that we have been providing training in the same markets for a considerable period means that we have a bank of pre-existing material on which we can draw and do not always have to develop training sessions "from scratch". This helps to reduce development time and, hence, the cost to you. However, we frequently work with examples, documentation and scenarios supplied by our clients and are equally at home with these as with our own materials. Of course, if materials you supply are part of your organisation's "know how" we keep this confidential and would not incorporate it into our generic training material.

Does training have to be delivered to a specific department, or can training be provided across departments?

This does depend on the subject matter of the course and on your requirements. In some cases training is enhanced by having a cross section of people from different practice areas attending as this widens the debate. This is something we would discuss with you as part of the development stage.

Where do you provide training courses?

Our in-house courses are provided at a venue of our clients choice, usually at their premises. Our open courses are provided in central London.

How quickly could we organise a course?

All our trainers are thankfully in great demand so the further in advance you can book your training sessions the better. If you make your request to us, we will attempt to juggle diaries to ensure that we can accommodate your requests at the earliest possible date. We are happy to agree an outline for a session or sessions, agree the date(s) and then confirm the detailed format and content with you nearer the time to allow you to plan your training programme for times that suit you.

Can you send me example outlines for courses that you have presented in the past?

We will happily supply example outlines of training we have provided previously. However since our service is one of bespoke training we always tailor the format and subject matter to your specific objectives and the needs and experience of the participants.


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